Community & Third Sector Films , Short Films

The creative team at Fine Rolling Media are excited to announce their third short film, ‘Showdown’.
‘Showdown’ is a contemporary-western, comedy set in the heart of South Wales. Showdown has been a passion project for Fine Rolling since it’s conception almost two years ago. The team is excited to be finally moving into post-production on this witty, genre- dexterous script.

A key factor in making this film an authentic success was casting our lead actor, Charlie Lock. We knew we wanted to cast an autistic actor who could relate to the character of Sam and bring his own personality to the role. Charlie blew us away with his ability to take direction and exude charisma on screen at such a young age. His portrayal of a misunderstood kid with autism is genuine, sincere, playful, and moving. This is an incredibly brave performance from a young man who surely has a long career ahead of him.

This community project was kindly funded by our associates, Nautilus. Not only did they love the story we wanted to tell, but they jumped at the chance to be a part of this community endeavor to raise awareness for autism.

We will be hosting a fundraising premiere in association with Bridgend college, with all the proceeds going towards The VC Gallery and The National Autistic Society.

To find out more info about this special project, and to request a ticket for the premiere event, get in touch via: