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Find the style of video that's right for you

At Fine Rolling Media

we passionately believe in our award-winning approach to creating successful videos. We combine a unique understanding of narrative storytelling, cutting-edge cinematography, and client-customer interaction; to provide a unique and engaging video production service in the heart of South Wales. Feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be able to discuss any idea you have in mind.


We meet over a coffee and discuss your aims and objectives. Whether it’s for your website or a Television commercial, we’ll transform your vision into a unique and effective video.

Concept Development

Our team undergoes a period of research into your company and crafts a concept for a Brand Film designed to achieve your aims and convey the narrative of your business/product.


Once the concept has been agreed on by our team we distil it into a Proposal Package which can be sent to you electronically, or pitched to you in person.


Once you’ve signed off on the concept a writer will be assigned to your project to make the required preparations needed to bring your video to life. This part of the process is crucial and involves scripting, story-boarding and mood-boarding.


Once the ground work has been laid we can move into production. This is where we bring your personal Brand Film to life with the help of cutting edge-technology, industry professionals, actors, sets and what ever else your video requires.


Our in-house edit team bring the final product together, adding music, sound and a colour palate designed to fit the tone of your video.


We don’t consider our job to be over when the video is complete. The next and final step is crucial. Our digital marketing team set out to create a stir on all platforms of the net to reach your desired audience.

Brand Films

A video is the most innovative and convenient way of connecting with potential clients. We combine in-depth research of your company with our filmmaking expertise, to distill your brand’s ethos and personality into a video that achieves your goals.

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Corporate Films

Whether it be a case study on your latest project, or showcasing a new product, we create videos that will reveal your corporate organisation’s personality. Our team at Fine Rolling Media provides high quality timeless pieces.

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Community & Third Sector Films

Some of our proudest work has resulted from projects designed to give back to our community.

We’ve enjoyed a long link with our main partners in this area, The VC Gallery. They are an incredible charity based in Pembrokeshire, which specializes in ‘therapy through art’ for veterans, the elderly and anyone else looking for support.

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At Fine Rolling, we are often amazed by the strange cases where life itself is sweeter, and sometimes, even a little darker than fiction. Our team is always on the lookout for opportunities to document these compelling real-life stories.

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Event Coverage

It’s essential to ensure that the memories of your event are as good the experience on the day.

We can be as involved as you like in planning your event, or we can be a fly on the wall; capturing all the special moments that will soon be associated with your event.

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Fashion Films

We feel a creative kinship with those in the fashion industry. If you have painstakingly designed a range of clothing or a product line, you know there is nothing more important that the way in which your customers are introduced to it.

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Music Videos

Musical artists have maximized the impact of their music for generations through the use of music videos. Over the last few decades, successful musicians and bands have spared no expense in recruiting top talent in the form of Hollywood directors and production companies to produce their videos. This is because they know how invaluable they are when releasing a new EP, album or single.

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Short Films

Our team is made up of award-winning writers and filmmakers. We make sure to take time out each year to allow them to fulfill their creative visions in the form of short films.

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