Welcome to the Team | Lewis Carter

Kristian Kane 10 October 2016

Fine Rolling Media welcomes it’s newest and most vital asset to the team, in the form of an award winning writer. #thecreativeendeavour #finerollingmedia #scriptwriter #creativebusiness

Lewis is an award-winning writer from South Wales. He has a master’s degree in Writing for Performance and publication from Leeds University, and in 2016, he made his directorial debut. His first short film as a writer and director, ‘Campfire Story’, went on to win ‘Best National Film’ at Swansea Film, 2017. His short stories have been published by the likes of ‘Empty Sink’, ‘National Student’, and ‘Literally Stories’.

When starting any type of business, one of the crucial parts of making it a success is creating the right team.. It can take days, weeks, months and maybe years to find the people who share the same passion and drive as you do. We were lucky enough to stumble across the award winning writer and all around power house that is,” Lewis Carter”. Lewis has become a huge asset to FRM with his incredible creative writing skills and ability to turn the average concept in to something memorable and pleasing to the mind.

Lewis has won awards for prose fiction, with the novella ‘Memoria Manor’ and the short story, ‘Shame Leaves a Mark’, As well as contributing to various other publishing magazines. And lets not forget, our first encounter in creating his film ‘Campfire Story’ which won Best National Film at Swansea Film Fest.

Campfire Story


“I first got in touch with Fine Rolling after writing the screenplay for ‘Campfire Story’. Within minutes of reading the current draft Kristian got back to me with an email full of passion, even suggesting songs for a soundtrack. In our first meeting it was clear that we were on the same page creatively, so we moved forward with Campfire and even decided to direct it together.

After we released the film my transition into Fine Rolling happened over night. The projects kept coming and we just kept working on them. It’s been a pleasure to lend my skills as a writer to a variety of projects for Fine Rolling Media and to branch out into other creative outlets, such as directing and producing films and video content.”