Filming Luxury Property | Tips on creating an Innovative Testimonial Video

Jack Harding 30 December 2017

We channel our inner Kevin McCloud for a Grand Designs inspired brand film, showcasing some incredible luxury properties. #ExcelHomeDesign #NewRealmMarketing #LuxuryHomes #BrandFilm #DroneFootage #VideoProduction

The marketing guru that is Matthew Barroccu, at New Realm Marketing put us in touch with the always-impressive Excel Home Designs – who were in need of a video to showcase their talent for constructing exquisite homes and office spaces . So, on a rare sunny day in South Wales our crew met up with Russ of Excel Home Designs in one of their previous builds at Penbwch Isaf Farm. We were blown away by many of the architectural features, but as filmmakers, we

were most impressed with the way Russ and his team had constructed the properties to maximize the influx of natural light. It goes without saying that we took full advantage of this feature. This marks the latest successful collaboration with Matt and The New Realm team, and we look forward to working with them again very soon on a, (yet to be revealed) project.

For any filmmakers looking for advise on filming property. we’ll leave you with the seven key things we keep in mind when shooting.

1. Highlight the natural symmetry of the architecture with your movements and angles

The architect will have made intentional choices when constructing the property, understand those choices going into the shoot and find ways of drawing them to your audience’s attention.

2. The property is the start

But every star needs a supporting cast. Use props and actors to give the property a ‘lived in’ feeling. Allow your audience to envisage living in the property by choreographing scenes involving everyday tasks that are pleasing to the eye.

3. Build in a narrative

Instead of simply compiling shots, tell the story of what your featured property has to offer throughout the course of a day. Again, actors can help, but a similar feeling can be achieved through time-lapse or subtle changes in light.

4. Shooting in sunlight

Most property shoots will be held on a sunny day. Use this opportunity to your advantage and experiment with things like lense-flares and reflectors to bounce light on to your subject. Don’t despair if the clouds begin to creep out, their movement will add to any time-lapse photography you decide to deploy.

6. Drones!!

Properties used for promotional material tend to be on the large side. Whilst not essential, the use of drone footage is the best method available when helping an audience to gauge the size of a property. Especially if the surroundings are as stunning as this.

7. Keep it smooth

Use a dolly, slider or any kind of steady grip equipment to add a slow deliberate motion to your shots. There is a lot for the eye to take in when viewing a property for the first time. Keep your movements deliberate, but leisurely, so the audience doesn’t feel rushed.

Collaboration is key. Find great partners and create something incredible.