Lewis Carter 2 September 2019

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In 2015 Tasha Trafford was pregnant with her son, Cooper. Sixteen weeks into her pregnancy she was told that her rare bone cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma, had returned.

The young mum-to-be was faced with an impossible decision—forfeit the chemotherapy required to sustain her own life, or terminate her pregnancy. Tasha chose to give birth to Cooper. She spent 11 months with her baby boy before passing away on November 12th, 2016. Before she passed she described the alternative to her decision as, “unthinkable.”

We had the pleasure of talking to Tasha’s father, Dai, while he took part in the first ‘Tri Nations Charity Challenge, 2019’, in memory of his daughter.

After thirteen days of walking, cycling and climbing, Dai and a group of twelve volunteers crossed the finish line to find Cooper waiting to run into his Grandfather’s arms.


Documenting Dai’s story got us thinking about all the amazing true-life stories we’ve been lucky enough to document over the years. Taking an event close to a person’s heart and presenting it as a story for the whole world to see is no easy task. But it’s a skill we continually try to hone here at Fine Rolling.

That’s why we’re putting out this call for you to submit your own true-life stories to us. We’re looking for stories too good for the world not to know about. They can be about you, a loved one, or even a stranger that came into your life at just the right moment. Perhaps you know an unsung local hero who deserves recognition? Or maybe you have a family member with a story that never fails to entertain?

From your pool of stories, we’ll select 5 and turn each of them into a one-minute docu-style video for our ‘Just a Minute’ series.

What are we looking for?

We want stories that have stayed with you years after hearing them for the first time. Stories that are so good you find yourself thinking about them when you least expect it.

They also have to be true stories. You may not know the hero of the story personally, but some loose link to the story or an aspect of the story would be helpful.

Perhaps you’ve done something incredible yourself, in that case, submit your own story. We don’t mind if you’re; an inventor, a teacher, a soldier, a survivor, or just an individual that found themselves in a unique situation at a unique time and walked away with a hell of a tale. As long as your story is true and relatable—we’re open to telling it to the world.


If your story piques our interest we’ll arrange a meeting with you to go over any details not present in your submission. Through a brief interview, we’ll establish the story’s; protagonist, major theme, and supporting characters.

From there we’ll go away and write your story into a one-minute script outline. If we are happy with the results we’ll go ahead and put your story into production. We may ask you to help us facilitate further interviews with other people whose voice contributes to your story if necessary.

Once your video is filmed it will be posted online as a part of our series. We may also arrange a special private screening event to showcase all of the videos before they go online. Your name will feature on-screen with a credit such as, ‘story by’, ‘based on the life of’, etc. If we choose to turn your one-minute video into a longer documentary film, we’ll be in touch after the completion of all of the videos to arrange another meeting.

Please send us your stories via:

Be sure to include your name, a contact number and the area in which you are based.

Until then, we look forward to hearing your stories.

“If you tell a true story, you can’t be wrong.”

–  Jack Kerouac