The Young Inventor: A Circular&Co. Brand Film

Brand Films

The Young Inventor: A Circular&Co. Brand Film


Genre: Brand Film

Sub Genre: Scripted, content marketing

Length: 2 min

Deliverables: Promotional Video | Brand Film | Original Script | High-Concept | Concept Generation | Content Marketing | In-House Scriptwriter | In-House Cinematographers | In-House Directors | Marketing Knowledge


Circular&Co. are a Cornwall based global company, pioneering the concept of ‘Circular Design’ through their products. Circular Design is a concept designed to bring about an end to waste and pollution.

Circular&Co. tasked us to produce a brand film to promote their reusable cup products, The Now Cup and The Circular Cup. These cups are the world’s first reusable coffee cups, made from recycled single-use paper cups.

The marketing team at Circular&Co. came to us looking for a brand film that, like their products, was going to stand the test of time. We dug into the themes of the Circular Design ethos and came up with a pitch for a story-driven, brand film that would allow viewers to ‘feel’ the passion and intergenerational importance behind the Circular&Co. brand.

This pitch turned into a script for a brand film that read more like a short film than a commercial. Our story would follow a young, budding inventor over course of a single summer, in which he attempts to create a reusable cup while bonding with his grandfather. It was a sweet story, and it took all of our collective filmmaking experience to bring it to life over a gruelling 2-day, post-COVID shooting schedule. But, inspired by the story we were telling, we pushed on to complete the brand film on time and on budget.

The team at Circular&Co. were a dream to work with. They understood the importance of telling a story through their marketing content and encouraged us to utilise all of our in-house talent in order to craft a narrative-led piece of content marketing that viewers of all ages can connect with and respond to.


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Directed by Kristian Kane & Lewis Carter
Written by Lewis Carter
Produced by Fine Rolling Media