THE MILKMAN — 5th Annual FRM Halloween Sketch

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THE MILKMAN | 5th Annual FRM Halloween Sketch


Genre: Comedy Sketch

Sub-genre: Short film

Length: 5 mins

Tagline: Got Milk?

Synopsis: Carnage arrives underneath the noses of the unsuspecting inhabitants of Merthyr Mawr in three varieties; red top, green top, or blue.

What starts off as a regular milk round will end with the streets covered in moo juice and blood. Whether you’re lactose intolerant or not, this Halloween, nobody escapes The Milkman!

Drink it! It’s fucking good for you!

Deliverables: Comedy Sketch | |Halloween | Original Script | Direction | Working with Talent | Casting |On-Location | Shot List | Storyboarding | In-house Talent | Editing | Colour Grading


The difficulty it takes to create an annual Fine Rolling Media Halloween sketch whilst juggling our regular workload is matched only by our love of creating them. It’s this love of the macabre and the ability to amuse ourselves and build team morale through increasingly ridiculous, and self-deprecating comedy sketches that keep us coming back year after year.

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones that get a kick out of them. It seems our long-term equipment supplier of choice, CineWest, also enjoy an annual laugh at our expense. So much so, it seems, that this year they offered to supply us with anything we needed to make our latest surreal, horror-inspired romp a reality.

Can you hear that? The soft jangling of a village milk float. It carries more than milk this year. Our 5th annual Halloween sketch was shot on the Arri Alexa Mini with anamorphic lenses. Gear supplied by CineWest. Actor’s fees donated to the Marie Curie Hospice, Penarth.


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Directed by Kristian Kane
Written by Lewis Carter
A Fine Rolling Media Production