Showdown — An Award-Winning Short Film

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Showdown — An Award-Winning Short Film


Genre: Short Film

Sub-genre: Drama, Western, Community

Length: 16 mins

Tagline: All the best cowboys have autism. 

Synopsis: A young autistic boy named Sam, with a passion for Western films, must decide whether to stand down or stay his ground when a showdown for the soul of his village takes place in the local corner shop.

Deliverables: Award-Winning Short Film | Original Script | In-House Directors | In-House Writer | Working with Talent | Casting |On-Location | Shot List | Storyboarding | In-house Talent | Editing | Colour Grading


Showdown is Fine Rolling Media’s follow up to their 2017 debut short film Campfire Story. Continuing on from the genre-storytelling that made Campfire such a success with festival audiences, writer, Lewis Carter, turns his attention towards the western genre—reinterpreting it through the eyes of an 11-year-old, autistic boy from the South Wales Valleys.

Fine Rolling’s Executive Director, Kristian Kane, returns to direct alongside Carter. The result is a bitter-sweet tale about the importance of being who you really are and standing up for yourself and your community—even when the odds are against you. Showdown was praised for its authentic portrayal of autism through the use of genuine, autistic child actors, such as Charlie Lock and Erin Jennings.

Despite its shoestring budget, Showdown was accepted into film festivals around the world and took home the ‘Critics’ Choice Award’ from Cardiff International Film Festival and the ‘Best Film Made in Wales’ award from Camarthen Bay Film Festival.

Showdown held two sold-out premiere events to raise money for autism awareness. Its ability to draw crowds both at home and internationally, as well as its festival success, makes it Fine Rolling’s most successful short film to date—securing Fine Rolling’s enduring reputation as a producer of award-winning, independent Welsh cinema.


More About Showdown

Title: All the Best Cowboys Have Autism | The Making of ‘Showdown’

Synopsis: A behind the scenes documentary on the making of the multi-award-winning short film, ‘Showdown’. ‘Showdown’ reimagines the Western genre through the eyes of a young, misunderstood, autistic boy from the South Wales Valleys. This documentary explores the personal reasons the filmmakers had for making such a unique film and the struggles they encountered casting authentic autistic actors and bringing the film to life on a shoe-string budget.


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Directed by Kristian Kane & Lewis Carter
Written by Lewis Carter
Produced by Fine Rolling Media