The Glamorgan Strangler | A Case Study (Mockumentary)

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The Glamorgan Strangler | A Case Study (Mockumentary)


Genre: Short Film

Sub-Genre: Horror, Mockumentary

Length: 9 mins


In 2019 a local video production company gained unprecedented access to an active serial killer while filming a brand film. The following footage has since surfaced. The crew has not.

Deliverables: Award-winning Short Film | In-House Screenwriter | Original Script | Storyboards | Shot Listing | In-House Directors | In-House Cinematographer | Crew Management | Talent Casting | Location Scouting | In-House Post-Production


Our team is made up of award-winning writers and filmmakers—so each year we like to carve out enough time for them to make; short films, documentaries, and music videos.

‘The Glamorgan Strangler’ is the most recent example of the creative talent we have here at Fine Rolling.

Originally intended as a Halloween sketch, the film evolved into a short film that has screened around the country at festivals and even won awards.

This mockumentary is a love letter to all of the horror films we immersed ourselves with growing up—and the team’s long-awaited return to the horror genre after their debut film, ‘Campfire Story‘.

Thank you to our amazing cast and crew for pulling together to make this one happen based on the strength of the idea alone.


The Glamorgan Strangler | A Case Study
Directed by Lewis Carter & Kristian Kane
Written by Lewis Carter
Produced by Fine Rolling Media
Starring: David Constant & Emma Stacey
Shot on Canon C200 Sigma Art 18-35mm

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