MAGSTIM | The Brains Behind TMS

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MAGSTIM | The Brains Behind TMS


Genre: Brand Film

Sub-genre: Corporate, Documentary

Length: 3 mins

Deliverables: Market Research | Content Optimisation | Ideation | Story Development | Storyboards | On-Location Production | In-House Directors | In-House Interviewer | Voice Over | Cinematic B-Roll | In-House Post-Production | Data Storage & Security |BTS Photography


Magstim is the “the brains behind TMS”. That’s transcranial magnetic stimulation to you and me.

Based in West Wales and the US, Magstim was the first company to apply magnetic stimulation as a means to counteract depression. This revolutionary method has helped thousands of people suffering from depression. But, is still not widely accessible to many.

Managing Director, Mike Paulson walks us through Magstim’s legacy in the world of medical electronics as we find out what the future holds for the pioneering company.


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