Facebook Video | Crafting A Diamond Ring

Brand Films , Fashion Films

Facebook Video | Crafting a Diamond Ring


Genre: Social Media Video

Sub-genre: Facebook Video

Length: 1 min

Deliverables: Campaign Development | Content Mapping | Multi-Channel Activation | Content Optimisation | Story Development | In-House Cinematography | Editing | Colour Grading | Data Storage & Security


The Diamond Centre wanted one of our signature, narrative-lead brand films. But, we knew we could go above and beyond on that promise.  So, we crafted a video that could be broken down into sections. Each designed to be compatible with a different social media platform.

Thanks to this approach, not only did they get their brand film—but a multi-platform social media campaign to go with it.

This was only possible because we provide our clients with the RAW footage from their videos at no additional cost.

This is the section we made with a Facebook audience in mind. It’s sequential, montage style is constructed to stop people from scrolling and take note of your product.


Check out the full brand film we made for the Diamond in a Box product here.