Fine Rolling HQ | The Transformation

Kristian Kane 30 August 2017

The journey of the Fine Rolling Creative Spaces: #ChangingRooms #NewHQ #NewOffice #CaravanClub #Journey #Creativespace #TheCreativeEndeavour

Let’s start with the joke. A filmstrip walks into a bar and sees another filmstrip drinking alone. He walks over and says, ‘How about you and I find a dark room and see what develops?’ Yeah we know, pretty terrible. It’s the kind of joke that everyone feels like they’ve heard a million times before, even if they haven’t. At Fine Rolling, we never want our viewers to feel like they’ve ‘heard this one before’ when viewing one of our films or brand videos, so we take steps during each project to make it feel fresh to ourselves and to you out there.

Some of these steps are as simple as, filming in a location out of our comfort zone, or incorporating new styles and influences into our work. However, over recent months we’ve found our selves taking more dramatic steps to stay on the cutting edge of #TheCreativeEndeavour

The most drastic of all has been the decision to move our office and creative space to a new location.

Towards the end of last year it became apparent to the team that Fine Rolling needed to evolve once more. In order to do this we need a space of our own.

A space where our partners and clients can feel at home when sharing their dreams and ambitions for their business or website.

So, for this blog, we thought we’d take you on the transformative journey that the Fine Rolling Creative Spaces have gone through over the years.

Stage 1 - The Cazza

We all start somewhere, right? In 2012 Kristian Kane founded Fine Rolling Media outside of his grandparent’s house in Llantwit Major, inside a static caravan.

The Caravan was bought on the same day that Kris decided to leave his job in hospitality. Within a week he had gutted the interior and transformed it into a small studio. The first clients enjoyed the novelty of conducting their business inside of a small creative space. But, inevitably, as Fine Rolling went from strength to strength, a larger HQ was needed..

Stage 2 - The Box-Office

In 2015 The growing Fine Rolling team decided to position themselves in the centre of a business environment, in order to learn from other companies around them, and to make those all important contacts. They settled on a space inside of an office block just outside of Talbot Green. Within a year, 80% of the companies inside that office block were Fine Rolling customers. Fine Rolling celebrated some of its proudest moments inside of the four walls of that office; such as, winning awards for JAM Furniture, Campfire Story and Music City. Some other highlights from this time include, collaborating with Nautilus on multiple projects, converting to 4K and producing Royal.

Stage 3 - The Creative Hub

Which brings us to the latest stage in the evolution of Fine Rolling HQ. It has been a long-term ambition of ours to form a creative hub in the centre of South Wales, where young people with a creative drive can come and learn about turning their passion into a career – instead of locking themselves away in a caravan…

As you can see the task of transforming the new digs into something that matched our vision was a daunting one. But luckily we are in the business of bringing tricky concepts to life. It was however, a different kind of graft than we’re used to at Fine Rolling. But, as always the team rose to the challenge, spurred on by each and every lick of paint and that brought the prospect of Fine Rolling HQ Mark III closer to reality.

For ease of access, the new Fine Rolling HQ is still equidistant between Cardiff and Swansea. But now we have the benefit of being on the high street running through Talbot Green, which will hopefully encourage passers by to come in and ask us what we do over a coffee. Check out the New H.Q in full swing below

Thank you, as always, for taking the time to read our blog. We look forward to bringing you more updates from our new creative crib.