CASTING CALL — Music Video

Lewis Carter 28 July 2020

Fine Rolling Media is casting for their upcoming music video for the latest single by local Welsh artist, Luna Tides.

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We’re looking for a cast of skilled actors interested in portraying, real, emotionally-complex characters in a short film/music video hybrid. This will be the first music video produced by Fine Rolling Media after taking home the prize for ‘Best Music Video’ last year for ‘You Know Who‘, at ‘High peak Independent Film Festival’.


Casting Breakdown

Production Format: Music video/Short Film hybrid

Production Company: Fine Rolling Media

Genre: Drama/Historical Drama

Synopsis: After his grandmother’s passing, John finds her old diary. As he devours story after story from her extraordinary life, he finds the courage to live a life worth documenting himself.

Location(s): Various around the South Wales area

Shooting Dates: 3 days TBD (after lockdown)

Compensation: Paid (fee negotiable upon casting)

Main Character Breakdowns

John (40s)

John is sleepwalking through life. In many ways, he’s achieved everything he set out to accomplish. He has a good job, a beautiful daughter, and he’s relatively comfortable. But after discovering his grandmother’s old diary, he begins to realise that there’s more to life than ticking boxes and going through the motions.

Inspired by the stories his grandmother left behind, he begins to yearn for something more than his monotonous existence. Perhaps even a life that tells a story of its own.

Evelyn (late teens early 20s)

Evelyn is a force of nature. Uninterested in her father’s conservative hopes for her future, Evelyn is interested in one thing—living life to the full. She’s a free spirit and even a little boisterous at times. In her pursuit of excitement, she surrounds herself with people worthy of her passion and zest for life, and eventually ends up with a family of her own.

Evelyn’s Father (50s, 60s)

A single father living in an age where social change is making his views and ambitions irrelevant. He loves his daughter, but since his wife left them for a different style of life, he’s become paranoid about also losing his little girl. Even going so far as to seek help from a community of religious fanatics in order to retain a sense of control.

Other Characters

Pastor (50s/60s)

The leader of a small, but zealous, religious group. A stern, humourless, individual with a fetish for dogma and rules.


Sarah (11-13)

An intelligent young girl determined to maintain her natural joy for life, despite her parent’s recent divorce. John’s daughter.


To register your interest for any of the above roles, please send an email including a headshot and showreel (if available) to: Or, use the contact form below.