Cardiff – A City in Isolation

Kristian Kane 15 May 2020

A visually compelling look at the streets of Cardiff City during a pandemic. Collaboration between Fine Rolling Media, Paul John Roberts & Jason Mohammad.

Filmed within government guidelines.

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A look into our city Cardiff, during a global pandemic

Being” is a short film that follows a lone cyclist through the city of Cardiff during the COVID-19 Pandemic. He wonders the streets that were once bustling with life, taking in the sights and sounds like never before.

Around three weeks into isolation we got a call from our good friend and collaborator, Paul John Roberts. Paul, a photographer, had an image stuck in his mind. An image of a cyclist breezing along Boulevard de Nantes as the city stood frozen around him. This image instantly popped into our head and we had to document these streets before it was too late. When we arrived in the City… we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. None of us had really seen the streets this empty before. It was haunting, but at the same time, beautiful.¬†

Photography by Paul John Roberts

moving forward

This is what we must do as a species. Move forward. The wheel of progress may feel frozen in time. But it will turn again. We hope to encourage people to look at our future with hope. We will not just get through this moment but we will grow as human beings, through innovation, positive social change, creativity, and generosity.

Thank you to all our key workers, especially the NHS.


Since life first appeared and demanded to exist, ‘being’ is all that mattered.¬† Over billions of years, life has endured losses then gained ground to become stronger and flourish.